3D GeoInfo 2013


3DGeoInfo aims at bringing together international state-of-the-art research and facilitating the dialogue on emerging topics in the field of 3D geo-information. The conference offers an interdisciplinary forum in the fields of 3D data collection and modelling; reconstruction and methods for 3D representation; data management for maintenance of 3D geo information or 3D data analysis and visualization. We sincerely welcome you to take part of this activity in sharing with us your expertise and passion about 3D data and technologies.

The International Board of  3D GeoInfo.

Alias Abdul Rahman,Malaysia

Sisi Zlatanova, Netherlands

Jiyeong Lee, SouthKorea

Philippe De Maeyer, Belgium

Thomas Kolbe, Germany

Jacynthe  Pouliot,Canada

Umit Isikdag,Turkey

Claire Ellul,UK

Christopher Gold,UK

Martin Breunig,Germany

Starting from 2014 every year the  yearly conference web site is formed by the local organizers, and links to these is also provided from here.

1st 3DGeoInfo      Springer Book

2nd 3DGeoInfo    Springer Book

3rd 3DGeoInfo     Springer Book

4th 3DGeoInfo     Springer Book

5th 3DGeoInfo     Springer Book

6th 3DGeoInfo

7th 3DGeoInfo    Springer Book

8th 3DGeoInfo    Springer Book

9th 3DGeoInfo Springer Book

10th 3DGeoInfo

Next year the conference will be in lovely Kuala Lumpur. Please find the website of next year’s conference  at http://www.geoinfo.utm.my/jointgeoinfo2015/

Click Here for Legacy Home Page of 3D GeoInfo 2013 Istanbul


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